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Evidential Medium Readings and Spiritual Assessment

I believe to connect with your loved ones in the spirit realm should be possible for everyone...because everyone should have access to this sacred experience.

Andrea Eva Hubert 

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...and when I first got here there were all the horses....

yes, humans too - they came a bit later....but first all the

horses came to me....I had almost forgotten how many

horses I had....

Willie, 11.01.2023

about myself - how it all began

Never would I have thought that I would ever work as an evidential Medium, nor did I even think about this topic at all. However when the Love of my life passed to the spirit world and I felt this is the end of my life too I started to realize things happening around me that were not "normal". I now know that these were signs from spirit and he made every effort to get my attention. I then had a reading with a Medium at the time which showed to me in many ways that our loved ones are not only still around us and hear us speaking to them but are also still part of our lives and see what we are doing on a day to day basis and even interact with us. I was fascinated by this and started to develop myself spiritually through mediumship classes with the great teacher Suzanne Giesemann and later on also the Arthur Findlay College as well as hour long sitting in the power as we call it. When I made my first connection with Spirit I felt and still do everytime - so honoured and blessed to be able to do this and that the Spiritworld is working with me and allowing me to be their channel. 

I remember having a reading with a medium a few weeks after he had passed and this reading litteraly changed my life which I had almost decided I didn't want to continue here in this world without him....I know how important Mediumship is for the bereaved/sitter and the responsibility we carry. Therefore I want to make it possible for I want to help as many as possible the way spirit helped - and sitll helps - me ! We are all souls - some still in physical bodies and some not anymore....


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did you always wonder who are your guides, in what way they communicate with you, where you are with your spiritual development, what plans do your guides have for you....




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Honestly, the detail given, l felt every word shared. So beautiful. The message has given my mum and dad great comfort tonight. As the little dog mentioned only recently passed and it's so heartwarming to know she is with my papa. This is a blessing. Thank you xxx

Kat R. 14.04.2024

If you ever needed proof of afterlife, Andrea has provided it to me! Absolutely amazing messages, i went to dorset on tuesday to see my mum, she gave me my dads watch on thursday, andrea picked this up before knowing, aswell as many other things x

Adele L. 14.04.2024

Andrea is a very gentle loving beautiful person, and speaks from the heart. She connecting with two of my loved ones with evidence from each of them. I knew the moment she gave me the very first piece of evidence from each of them. Thank you for the messages and information you are truly amazing.

Maria C, 23.02.2024

One of the best readings I've ever had with a lot of evidence of my grandmothers given including the name of the town they both lived in. Beautiful reading

Christina R. 19.02.24

Andrea brought wonderful in very detailed and accurate evidence for my mother & father. How she was the go-to person for helping people, her love of flowers and what led to her passing with the time of year. My father often wore a brown corduroy jacket a bit on the quite side and that both of my parents enjoyed playing cards. It is rare when they come together. She was consistence and accurate with the evidence she brought in including the "ring" how my mother passed along with the time of year. I loved hearing from my parents and the messages they gave. Thank you for a wonderful reading!

Deanna H., 06.01.2024

Andrea immediately connected with my loved ones in spirit and delivered messages that I was thrilled to receive! She created a warm and caring space in her mediumship.

Andrea’s warm and happy personality made the experience thoroughly enjoyable. I keep seeing the signs she told me to look for— squirrels and birds as spirit saying hello! Thanks so much Andrea!

Anna J., 10.12.2023

Andrea got my mother right off and described her to the tee. How she loved to dress up and wear earrings and jewelry and that her hair looked like mine. She said someone was going to a concert and my granddaughters are going to one tonight. She said my mom would come to us in form of a butterfly or bird and that the bird was red and it has a top knot. My granddaughter has talked all the time about her seeing Red Cardinals and she has always says it's my mother. It's red all over and has a top knot. I buy her red Cardinal things all the time. I just got her a red Cardinals wind chime for Christmas. She said my mother loved to bake. My mother was a cook by profession and loved to cook and bake. She said my mother was talking about a light blue and silver dress. My mother bought that dress for her funeral and looked beautiful in it. There was other things that she saw. She did a wonderful reading. I am excited to do another one soon. Thank you Andrea, You did great. 

Joann M, 03.12.23

Andrea H was spot on describing my parents and events that were significant when they were here on earth. She truly validated what I needed to hear from them. I was truly blessed with a great session.

Beth R., 12.11.2023

Andrea took her time and was respectful of the information she shared. She was very in tune with the session and I appreciated that she shared just enough person information to allow things to be relatable for me. The session was just long enough (30 minutes) to take in meaningful information but also have an opportunity to ask questions.

Purvi. 23.10.2023

Really appreciate Andrea's Kindness, patience and accuracy. Communicating with loved ones in this unique way is a beautiful experience and can be life changing. My experience has been very positive and I would encourage anyone who wants to connect with loved ones who have passed.

L.O., 09.10.2023

It was spot on! Really made me feel good and brought my mom in who never shows up! Along with my precious daughter and our dogs who also passed!

Paula, 20.09.2023

Andrea was really honest, open, relateable, down-to-earth

I wanted to connect with my Spirit guides to get a feel for where I should be moving in my meditation practise. I received confirmation about my direction, as well as motivation about my journey and what my attitude should be going forward.

Louw, 13.09.2023

The evidence was so powerful, if I didn't belive in the afterlife so far I surely do from now on

Gina A., 09.08.23

Had a wonderful time connecting with my Nephew and getting more insights into his accident, as and extra I even got to hear from my mother in law who is still alive yet suffers from Alzheimer at a very advanced stage.....just amazing.....loved the experience

Ada, 27.07.2023

The reading was exceptionally good, Andrea brought through my love and my aunt ( who is seen as my grandmother, because she raised my father!)! The energy was wonderful and I really enjoyed your reading style. All of the information you brought through was very evidential. I enjoyed it and I would love to do this again with you sometime!

Nina, 17.07.2023

Andrea Eva was lovely, very relaxed and confident. The details she was able to easily bring through did let me know  it was my Nan. Great job, thank you so much

Katie W. 14.06.2023

The reading was spot on. The medium got the little details of my loved one . Thank you for the reading.

Ranee, 13.06.2023

Andrea did a great job bringing though my great aunt and uncle. Her description of them both was super accurate to them. I appreciated the message about making memories with loved ones and to not stress so much about getting things done.

Theresa, 06.06.2023

I knew exactly who came in and the medium provided clear examples, very soothing voice :), really enjoyed the reading.

Julia, 30.05.23

Andrea made a connecticion very quickly and also quickly provided specific detailed evidence and it was all right on. I was impressed and pleasantly suprised by how clearly and quickly she was able to caputre and communitcate what she was getting from my loved one. Very cool and moving to say the least! I will be thinking about his session for a long time. I knew exactly who it was she reached and my loved one also had a message for me that completely made sense. It was a message that I needed to hear and I am so appreciative. She was also kind and compassionate in her delivery. Such a postive experience and I am grateful. Would love to book with her again. Thank you

Maureen L. , 16.05.2023

The reading was chock full of evidence and fun facts about my Dad and offered solid advice for my day-to-day living. Thank You.

Margarete N. 26.04.2023

All the stream of information and evidence was accurate. I felt my father through your words. The message to take care of self over work as he wished he'd done is particularly apt this week and I loved that my father saw my work and and achievements so clearly. Thank you!

Kate C. 25.04.2023

Thank you for the validation of my Mum being with me always. Our travels together when she was still alive here, all kind of memories we share and my holiday I'm on at the moment, my Mum mentioned it all through Andrea - and even gave an exact describtion of the view we have here from our balcony...just amazing, loved it.

Linda, 04.04.2023

I was hoping to hear from my Mum....and I got the lovliest validation of her continued presence in my life. I even asked her a question about something I did lately and Andrea was able to get the answer back to me which was exactly what I had done and wanted to know my Mum seen it. I'm so glad I did this

M.H. 30.03.2023

The reading with Andrea was great and accurate. She brought through my Dad and his Aunt who raised him like a mother. She was able to get from my Dad how sorry he was not to have had enough time with the family due to his job as a police officer, that we were not rich but happy with having all we needed, that my Dad was so proud of my Mum being such a good hostess and chef and how much he loved her. Dad also showed how they worked hard on the little farm they had later. He spoke about our home location and vegetable garden, how he taught me to swim and ride a bike. All spot on. He also said he is with me walking in the snowy field behind our house these days, great proof that he is still with me. Thank you so much

Trudy D. 23.03.2023

Andrea Eva was wonderful! She connected right away and described my grandparents in great depth. Her messages were clear and concise and resonated with me greatly

Collin S., 20.03.2023

Andrea, the evidence couldn’t have been more accurate, where they lived, music, activities they enjoyed, the color of my car! Fabulous! Your evidence is amazing, especially the color of the car, the family gatherings, spot on!

Mary Beth A.  15.03.2023

Andrea brought in my dad with good evidence that it was him.... especially how he used to call me " his little princess" and how he passed with a chest related illness in Hospital. Andrea is a lovely medium and really enjoyed working with her and look forward to working again with her.

Lorraine D. 08.03.2023

WOW, Just, wow!! Yes, to everything you said....... thank you so much.

Shanna B, 05.03.2023

Andrea did a fine job bringing in my friend Mary who died in her 50s. She described her perfectly as sunshine on a rainy day. :) Andrea has a beautiful, relaxed style that is perfect for mediumship. She is very kind. Thank you for a lovely reading! :)

Catherine L.  01.03.2023

Andrea brought through my father with excellent evidence and a lovely description of his personality and appearance. My mother stepped in during the reading and Andrea also gave wonderful information about her that no other medium has ever talked about. They come into readings frequently, but it's so nice to have the medium share something I haven't thought about in a long time. This was a memorable reading for me. You understood from my parents that they enjoy working with mediums. That's what I have noticed, and it was nice to have that confirmed too. Thank you for a great experience.

Karen K. 28.02.2023

Andrea channeled healing messages from my grandfather. You captured his essence well. It was a wonderful reading, look forward to doing it again. :)

Tony W. 21.02.2023

I appreciated that Andrea conveyed definite evidence about my grandmother. She also conveyed clear and specific evidence that my grandmother provided about me! You really connected and provided a lot of solid evidential information about me and my grandmother. I was so impressed that you received information also about my cat! Many people don’t bring up animals, so it was a nice benefit of the reading to know she is okay and with my grandmother. Thank you again!

Deborah R. 14.02.2023

Andrea brought in a work colleague who I would never expect to hear from. She was 100% correct in her description.

Vinny 06.02.2023

Andrea described my grandmother and her personality to a T, specifics on how she ordered us as children around; grandma talking about cones for local road work current around me. Wonderful Clairvoyance: pictures are very detailed and accurate.

Joyce J. 03.02.2023

Andrea did a great job in bringing in a long-time friend who loved football, being outdoors, his Jeep, and was in the hospital before he passed. All so evidential who he was and lovley messages from him.

Catherine L.  02.02.2023

Andrea brought through my grandmother and had her personality to a T. She was a very caring woman and took care of everybody that came to her house. She spent most of her time in the kitchen cooking. She lived in an area that was not quite rural, but almost like a country road beside the railway line and I spent time with her as a small child. Thank you for the lovely reading.

Louise 27.01.2023

You have an easy, gentle energy. I appreciated your delicacy in approaching the cause of death. I felt a connection with my loved one through you. You heard a song about Bangkok and that was the city!!!! So cool! Thank you!

Sarah R. 10.01.2023

I completely recognized (and more importantly, FELT) my dad. He had a beard and was always working. Him crying tears while saying how proud of me he was, is very evidential to me. Airports/traveled for work.

Judith H. 22.12.2022


1. Come to your session relaxed and well rested

2. Be in a comfortable, quiet space free from distractions.

3. Come with and open mind and heart, Let go of expectations and allow spirit to guide the process.

4. Trust that spirit knows what's in your greatest and highest good and will deliver messages and evidence your heart needs to hear.

5. Bring a notepad and pen if you wish to make notes for yourself. The session can also be recorded on request.

6. Don't tell the Medium anything about yourself  or your person in spirit upfront, the less we know the more valuable the evidence will be for you.

7. Before your session invite your loved one in Spirit to join us. Set your intention to connect with them, after all it's you they want to speak to - not the Medium - who is just the channel.

When you love without condition,

your souls can never be separated. The love you have for each other in your heart holds you together far beyond the physical realm

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